UPDATED March 20, 2017 CAMDEN, NJ NJTV, New Jersey public

She recalls being ravenous after class and paying little attention to how much or what she ate. Now she’s back on the mat, and the pounds are falling off again. “Yoga just makes you pay attention and think differently,” she says.. UPDATED March 20, 2017 CAMDEN, NJ NJTV, New Jersey public television network, is launching a new initiative for 2017: NJTV In Your Neighborhood. A powerful combination of news, special programming and community engagement events, NJTV will use its on air and digital platforms and personnel to showcase some of the Garden State most dynamic places, shining a spotlight on the people, cultural fabric and issues that make those areas tick and the history that grounds them. First stop: Camden on Thursday, March 23rd, for a full evening of live and special local programming dedicated to that city.

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